SOS – Save Our Soil!

Most of the people know about this movement started by Sadhguru as Save Soil, but do you know why has this been started ?

According to Isha Foundation, Sadhguru will travel over 30,000 kilometres across 24 nations on a motorcycle to “demonstrate the support of over 3.5 billion people”.

This is because the soil is loosing its fertility and is becoming barren due to the increase in number of population and increasing deforestation. Soil is the basic for survival for any human being and animals.

Due to the increasing population and deforestation, the available nutrients are being leached leading to desertification. This will have a very drastic effect on all the human and animal lives. The food chain will loose its connectivity leading to loss of many species.

Since soil is basis for sustenance as it regulates most of the environmental effects. Soil degradation reduces agricultural yields and cannot support plants. If there is no proper growth of plants, there won’t be sufficient food supply to people. If there is no sufficient food supply, there will be increase in malnutrition and starvation. This will lead to huge number of deaths.

Soil also regulates the climate as it acts as one of the carbon sink and maintains the carbon content in atmosphere. If the carbon content is maintained, there won’t be any rise in temperature which is leading to global warming.

Good soil also preserves clean water in the form of ground water table. It acts as a natural filter and preserves clean water. Saving soil can have so many benefits to human life. If not taken proper step now, the consequences are to be faced by future generation.

The ride by Sadhguru, beginning in London, will end in the Cauvery basin in South India, “where Sadhguru’s Cauvery Calling project has so far enabled 125,000 farmers to plant 62 million trees to revitalise soil and replenish the river Cauvery’s depleting waters”, says the Isha Foundation.

As they say prevention is better than cure, similarly prevent desertification of soil and save now instead of fighting later to find a cure when there will be huge looses.

Act when you have a chance. Don’t wait for something to happen. Act now and save the environment. Follow the sustainable development method to maintain the balance of the nature. This one small step now can benefit our future generation.

Don’t throw any waste on soil which is not degradable, follow crop type rotation as this will maintain the nutrients of the soil. Following only one type of crop will lead to depletion of certain nutrients and may loose its fertility.

Use the manure and fertiliser efficiently, over dosing is also not advisable. Plant trees which maintain the soil form and more of all use efficient ingredients.

Put forward your hand and join to save soil to save our future.

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