A Question to Everyone

I have a question to everyone, does sanitising your hands frequently kill the virus? And the answers comes up as a big YES. Then I have another question, then why don’t the medical researchers use the contents and make a medical miracle to create a cure, why took such a long time to produce vaccine when you knew the contents that will kill the germs.

I know some people will yell at me saying it’s only for the purpose to serve outside the body and not inside, taking inside will take a person go out of this world.

The hand sanitizer had come up a long time ago, it is an alcohol based compound which kills germs and viruses present on our body, that’s the reason why an injury is treated with alcohol before attending. This had made a sensation at the very beginning and many started even drinking the sanitizer which is harmful. The contents are made in such a way that it supports the purpose for outer use only and not inside a human body. It reacts with the chemicals and enzymes present in our body and many give side effects or loss of life.

I know I’m the one raising the question as well as I’m the one giving answer too, but my question isn’t just that. I want to know that even when the research personals had the contents of sanitizer which is alcohol based, then why not create a vaccine or cure with similar contents but which is fit for human body from the inside. Even the vaccine which is being used nowadays took one year to get responded properly after so many trails. There might be some or other way in which the compounds of hand sanitizer can be used to create a new cure as soon as possible. If not atleast that compound can be altered as of course they are the scientist they know it well.

I understand the medical researchers are in a way to invent a cure or a vaccine which will boost the immune, but as per me until then half of the world population would get depleted. This is similar to the case of Avengers Infinity war where in Thanos wiped out half of the population with just a snap.

I request the scientist to hurry up because the people are losing their loved ones and there is no more time to experiment on.

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