Time! Neither a friend nor a foe.

In a persons life, one thing that is abundant as well as insufficient is time. I have mentioned both abundance and insufficient is because it all depends on the way we perceive it. This is one of the crucial ingredient of life, without which most of the things won’t be able to make a collaboration. The measurement of time began with the invention of sundials in ancient Egypt some time prior to 1500 B.C. However, the time the Egyptians measured was not the same as the time today’s clocks measure. Time is one of the greatest invention of human history as makes a person to be well organised.

Time is not the same to everyone and by this I’m not stating towards the ongoing time but the way of acceptance of different people. Some believe it to be too short for a day and for some it is too long to live. This doesn’t mean time will change the way it used to be for these people. If we believe time is short, we feel like time is running away and so is the other way. While we are waiting for something or someone, time feels so slow where as if someone is waiting for us, it will be very fast. It all depends on the way we perceive.

A day consists of 24 hours and an hour consist of 60 minutes so all together a day consists of 1440 minutes and further simplification leads as 1 minute to be 60 seconds which means a day has 86,400 seconds. Calculation shows too much of numbers but these measurements are very little when we compare to the time we have wasted all these years from our beginning. I’m not telling anything about maths doing calculations, everyone knows that but instead I want to show the value these single second consists.

A person born in a middle class or lower middle class who needs to work hard in order to feed the family needs to work around 12-15 hours a day neglecting his own desires and even considering those as needs make him feel those 24 hours are insufficient, similarly if a person born in an upper middle class who have the daily needs sufficient need not work as hard compared to the other counter part even fulfilling his own desires and will have much time left with him. Most people won’t able to accept the changes that are possible in just one second. Ask the person who missed a train or a flight just by one single second, ask the children writing exam feeling every second ticking their nerve, ask those who got saved by an accident within a second, ask the value of a time whose on the death bed in an hospital. Anything is possible in one second so just imagine what could happen in one minute in one hour or a day.

The main thing here is, you cannot go back in time to change what you have done, once the time is gone can never be brought back at any cost. No one has the power to change what has happened, but everyone has the power to change what could happen by acting now.

Most of the youths are just neglecting the importance of time, they are just into un-productive work and wasting most of their time and energy and gaining nil in return to that. If you are spending so much time into it, make it worth spending get something in return and by return it’s not only about money, it could be knowledge which is abundantly available or spend time to help someone. Entertainment is important in life in order to have refreshment for the mind and that too have its own limit. One thing to note down is, what ever time you are spending now will return at your later stage, this is how life acts. If you are ready to let go your entertainment and work hard today, later you will be the one who will enjoy and live the way you dreamed of, if you spend too much time wasting now, then you will have to work for the rest of your life to reach your dreams.

There is conception about future, that if we keep thinking about future then we won’t be able to live in present. I agree you are true in some matter, but that is what time management means. You need to work on that and making out a perfect time for each and every work to be handled. Why do you think the time tables are provided in schools and colleges, it’s not only for the sake of teachers but also to students to learn time management and to show equal importance to every work, most of them wouldn’t have understood it even now. Suppose if a complete day consists of only one subject would that keep you feel attentive? If you keep doing the same work or say watching the same movie or playing same level on a game, does it feel excitement? It makes you bored and can’t take too much of the same thing again and again, if you manage time and do other works also then if you continue daily, you won’t feel bored at all. This means a day has to be analysed and divided into time frame to handle different work at particular time which keeps you active and also learn more and more. This way even if you do your boring work daily, you will still be able to do something excitement later in your time table.

The person who learns to manage time can manage anything in his life. Time and tide waits for none right, similarly you don’t need to wait for a perfect time to start anything, what ever opportunity you have, make it your special and give it a start. Make a perfect time interval for every activity to need to have in your life and not to focus only on the work. Job for living is something that cannot be changed but the time that is left out after doing your job can be utilised and now that is up to you how you manage that. Specially the off days, these are the ones that matters the most, do you waste it in taking rest because of the long work week or manage to do something useful for yourself and enjoy the present moment. If you believe why to waste time thinking about future then utilise the time you have now and start yourself by making particular time intervals, due to lockdown this will help you even more as the travelling time can also be utilised. Focus on your hobbies in those spare time, try fitness, spend quality time with family, help your siblings or part time work and many things can be done, it all depends how you utilise your present time and how you spend it.


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