Comparison! Is it necessary?

What is comparison? Why are people so much into comparing themselves with their counterparts? Will it help you if you compare? Why does it matter and how will it affect your mind? One such word has so many things to say about itself.

The reason we compare ourselves with other is for self betterment and improvement was the answer given by most them when asked. How will it help you in self improvement when you compare with others? They answered, it will generate a fire to win against your counterpart. Is that the only reason for comparison? Some of them said yes.

Here, the word comparison didn’t start when you just saw your rival and started to work hard to win, but it started long back when you all were just kids. Parents are the main source point for comparison. They start feeding things into kids about comparison. It’s not about feeding comparison but they start comparing their kid with others in the matter of sports, academics, cultural activities and many more. If a child is involved in 2 cultural activities, the parents of other child will make him/her to take part in more than 2.

Specially it comes to serious comparison at the time of academy. Parents never want their child to get behind of any other child. If that’s the case, then everyone would have scored maximum marks in the examinations. It doesn’t happen like that. Parents are never happy with the marks their child get! Initially they will feel good after witnessing the marks but the very next moment their question will turn out to “ what’s the score of the other child”. This is the condition in everyone’s home.

Children will get into a habit of comparing themselves with everyone from that stage itself. Comparison is good it’s not a bad thing, but when you compare and to whom is the great part. You cannot compare to everyone in the world and similarly you cannot compare to one single person all the time. It’s because, if you start comparing with everyone, the progress of improvement in you will not be so much and if you compare to one single person, at some point you will feel the lack of interest. So how does it work?

Way of comparison is versatile. It is not limited to some extent, it can be done with smallest thing to biggest things. If you want to better yourself, you will try to compare the abilities, power, and dedication with others. But just comparing and the working might give you results but not so effective the way you imagined for. This is all because, you might have not compared the previous stage of your counterpart and are just comparing the present. It means you might have not witnessed the progress or the improvement the other has made in the previous stages.

For example, if you are a runner and you are competing with one your mates, you will observe the present physical condition and strength and at some point you even might observe the timing to cover particular distance. Then you start comparing those results with that of yours. You may feel low if you are not good enough and you may feel high if you are better than him/her. But that’s not the result. The rivalry will be present only till the end of running competition but later you won’t have anything left.

If you really want to outgrow yourself and to become good at everything, stop comparing with others and start comparing yourself. This way you will be able to get the negative points when you compare your previous result with present. I said compare yourself is because, the rivalry you choose for some point of time will end after the reason has come to an end, but if you stand against yourself, you will find the rivalry against yourself with your not so good part and the present part. Specially there is no end to this rivalry. If you are done with one thing, you can immediately start with other in no time. You will know all the fears and negatives about yourself and only you can beat yourself.

Compare yourself daily and try to see yourself as your own enemy. Even if you are able to progress just by 0.01 second, celebrate those small victories. It will give you determination and hope to work even harder. Beat yourself at all your records and once you are perfected in all those things, you no need to compare with others. People will start comparing themselves with you. That is growth. If you are working in a group, you won’t feel the progress because everyone might be doing the same. When you start planning and working on your negative zone, you will be able to do it quickly.

Initial stages are really tough. When you start any work alone, you won’t feel the joy and interest. This is because you won’t have any competitor. If you only think of working at the time’s of competition, your mind will take over the control and make you lazy. You will become weak as you will be good only at competitive part and not at individual part. Yes life is a competition, I agree. But you are not here to compete with others but to compete with yourself and improve. You won’t get to compete with others all the time, sometimes you need to do it individually. At that moment you will be your rival.

The point when you understand that life’s competition is not with others but with yourself, that is the point when you will start to grow. Don’t compare with others for anything, comparison will bring jealousy. God has given different things to different people because of different abilities. If everyone has to do the same thing and to compete over same issue, what was the need to be different from others? They are here just to show you where you stand. The rest is up to You, which way you take it and make a move. Try to compare the abilities that you posses and compete with yourself to excel in those abilities. You are your friend as well as your enemy.


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