Mindset’s change the meaning of Failure.

From a very young age we have been taught to be successful. It starts from being admitted into a big school to getting high scores. Every schools nowadays have their own entrance test and even for the young children. This is the point where it all starts. If you are able to get through the test, you will get admitted into a better school thinking you will have a bright future. And if you fail, everyone starts cursing you and treat you as a failure.

Every school and colleges are the same, the way of teaching may differ but the knowledge you get is the same. What matters is how serious you take the knowledge and build yourself. There are many people who are at the top even being from small schools. They didn’t feel this when they didn’t get admitted into top school but instead made up their mind and came at the top.

The person or the child will get broke from inside listening to these kind of words. If you have failed, it is an action or part of your life that got stuck and you can better yourself the next time and get through. But if you treat that action into your identity as you are a failure, that is what will affect even your future. If you have a belief that these tests are nothing special, you are tend to learn something from the test, but if you try and blame yourself as a failure, the mind won’t cope with failure and you won’t be able to learn a thing from that part.

It is all made up in your mind. It’s whether you control how you feel or let others decide how you feel is what’s going to change the way you think. This is not only to the person who has failed but to everyone as life gives you hurdles all along your life. There is a saying Failure is not a fool. This is because that person will tend to have more experience than any successful person.

His/her ideas will try and overcome the challenges in a different way and they not only have one approach but will try and make more than one. But if you ask any successful person, they only have one way through which they made in, it may or may not help until you try. If you try and succeed, we’ll and good. But if you fail, you are able to make you own path to get through those challenges.

People are the key to the reason why a person feels low. They tend to compare you with the successful person. What is the need for comparison? Everyone has their own way to make it through. If everyone had same abilities then there won’t be any tests or competition. Failing will only make you realise that you have not prepared up to the mark and needs more attention. Take your time to understand this and get back better. Then the same people will praise you for your hard work.

Life is full of challenges, if you tend to fail, it should not be your identity but make it as your goal and overcome those fears of failing and work hard to make it. Life may help you when you are working smart but it will definitely help you when you work hard. Everyone say work smart not hard but that will only work when you are in school or colleges, but only hard work will give you everything you want when you come out of colleges and face your life.

If you have a fear of failure, believe me that is the point of your end. People once succeeded, thereafter don’t feel to have more competition because of fear of getting failed. This fear of failure is known as Atychiphobia. They think after having succeeded and if you fail the next time, world will look at you as a failure. This fear has to overcome. That point onwards you won’t be able to make anything perfectly because of this fear. The person who overcomes this fear will be the one to make it to the top of the world.

Don’t think what the world has to say about you. The work of workless people is to say something that will hinder you. Think about yourself and your family who are working hard to help you. Even if you fail, take that as a challenge and make yourself strong to comeback stronger. Nobody’s talks about the path you choose or the difficulties you had to face to reach a particular point, everyone is only judging you on basis of result. Leave the world behind and focus only on your path. If your path is easy and doesn’t challenge you, believe me you are in a wrong path. Take the path which challenges your ability at every point. It will only make you strong and that is your true path.


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