Negligence is the biggest Hinderance!

Everyone wants to be successful, everyone wants to reach high goals and earn more, but is everyone working sufficiently to reach their goals? Some are working and some not. There is a lot of difference between people who work hard to reach their goals and those who wait for their goal to reach them. What do you think is best ? I’ll leave that to you.

The important thing is hard work. As you have seen in the previous article about mindset, until and unless you don’t work hard you won’t reach your goal. Everyone knows this for sure but working hard only for certain period will make it happen ? No. Everyone want to reach there quickly, no one has the patience to first work on themselves and improve. All of them are eager to take a big leap to the last step reaching their goal. Is it possible? Not even imaginary until you are a super human.

All of them tend to work for a certain period of time and try to find the result. It’s not that easy to achieve good result just doing for a small period of time. If you are not able to achieve what you dreamt for, you will feel low and start neglecting things.

Life is a marathon where you have to run consistently to reach the final line and not a sprint where you can reach quickly. Working hard is important but more important is working consistently on yourself to learn everything you face as a challenge. Challenges you face are to make you strong, but most of them give up only after facing the first failure. You need more dedication and belief to carry on further. These failures make your heart to break and make you feel less worthy about the work you are doing.

Once you fail, your mind starts generating negligence towards that work. This is what makes you hinder in your life. Mind starts generating thoughts on avoiding the work or postponing the time. These kind of things starts making you weak. The more you listen to your mind, the farther your goal goes from you. Not everyone has the ability to tackle your minds though and to work against it. The one who masters this art is true successful person and nothing can stop him/her.

The work you do or the hobby you develop, have different amount of interest. You may not like to work full day but you like to spend time in your hobby. Sometimes even the hobby you like starts making you lose interest when you find some mistakes in your work or some other person. It may even happen when no one praises you. These things will make you loose interest even in those things which you loved to do daily. This is all because of the negligence that your mind generates.

This negligence happens because your mind makes you believe you are not benefiting with those kind of works and are only failing. This happens everywhere. Mind doesn’t like to work hard, it likes to be free and open. The more you stress, the more your mind makes you quit soon. You can ask any person who is at a good position now, did their mind support them every time? Most of them will definitely say no. This is because some of the other time even their mind would have made them give up. But it was their dedication that made them work.

You take the example of my own experience on writing articles. I started these things lot early but at that time I used to write in my diaries. I started publishing around couple of months ago. In this kind of era, no one like to read things and everyone is involved in YouTube or Instagram watching videos. That’s the reason I get very less views. Even my mind made me give up when I found that people are not visiting. But the passion in me said to think about those who are reading. Atleast they might be getting some useful message from my articles and that’s the I continued writing.

If you have 10 reasons to give up, think about one reason why you started. That reason will give you dedication to keep moving. Every work has its own interest and disinterest, if you have started to do some work, think in what way it will benefit you. Take every challenge as a lesson to learn. Compete more to learn more. Even id you succeed don’t give up there but think that as start point and work more and more. The more you work, the more you grow. Don’t let the mind take over the control and make you loose.

Everyone has the desire in them, everyone has the fire in them but not everyone has the dedication to keep the fire burning. The more you focus now, the more you live happily later. If you give up now, you will regret later thinking you should have tried when you had the time. Don’t just pretend of giving your 100 percent, you will fake yourself. You don’t need to show to the world that you are working or trying. Show yourself. Do it for yourself and not for the world. The work you do will ultimately benefit you. The results will help you and the world. Leave the world behind and move forward.

If you neglect your life now, life will start neglecting you later. Make up your mind and work hard. Let it hurt, but these bruises will make you smile tomorrow.


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