Hard-work or Ability?

What do you understand by these two terms ? Are they same? Which is more helpful to achieve your goal? The main purpose of this article here today, is to clarify the difference between ability and hard work. They seem to be similar but have a bit of gap which needs to understood.

Most people think is it ability which holds the hand of people when they get stuck in some of hurdle or problem. Is that true? May be. May be not! What do you exactly understand by the word Ability? I was very curious to know the answer so I went out to know it from some of my neighbours of age around mid 20’s. You know what they said? Ability is something that you inherit by birth.

As per the answer given by them, it means the parents abilities are transferred to the child. So that should mean parents should have had those kind of abilities! But is it true? As per my understanding, it is not the right answer. I’ll explain with an example here, if my sister is a champion at swimming, then will her daughter have the same swimming skill by birth? Okay was that too awkward example! Let’s see again. If my sister was highly talented at mathematics, then will her daughter too get the same mindset to understand mathematics?

Now you might be understanding what ability actually is. I’ll clearly tell ability is nothing but something that you have worked hard to learn and then to master it. Everyone will only be able to see the present condition of that person but what about the time that was spent to master that ability? No one cares to see it. This is what happens when a person excels in something and other people start thinking it as an ability by birth.

Nothing is by birth here. We all are born the same except fir our appearances. It all starts after we are born. The way we are nurtured, taught and brought up matters. Even if you are still lagging today, you can make up to the place now also. When you were a kid, the understanding ability will be slow because of immature brain development but the determination a child posses is lot more than any adult. Now when you are grown up, you have the complete mind power to understand anything that is thrown at you.

Ability is nothing but end product of hard-work. Don’t feel low if some one in your group has got great marks or is a good sportsmen or women. They just had the mind to train themselves without giving up. They worked hard to make themselves better than everybody. This is the result that everyone is witnessing as an ability by birth. Anyone can master this. Only requirement is hard work and determination.

A person with ability may have a better understanding or quick understanding. But that doesn’t make you weak. You can make yourself better than them. You should have the mindset to make yourself work and work. Everything depends on what you decide and how you work. Let me make it clear, there is no shortcut in the game of life. Either you work hard to grow or watch other work and grow. That’s the basic rule of life.


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