Technology and Reading.

This new generation of ours is so much lazy as well as fast about the work they do. Lazy means not to work for too long and to avoid repetition. Fast means to complete the work as quick as possible and feel free to spend time with their gadgets.

Everyone has fallen for this bait and even the new born are also getting addicted to technology, they don’t want to talk or write anything but instead they want to watch some funny videos on YouTube. It’s not their fault that get addicted but it’s the fault of parents from which they are learning.

Some parents with the knowledge of technology are busy with the work they do on their gadgets, the child also tries to imitate their parents. Also parents think it is a best possible way to keep the child busy while they are working or doing some other stuff. But is it the only way to make a child busy? Is it helping in someway?

Children are very fresh and open minded. They learn quickly just by seeing others. These are not the only way to keep a child busy just to have your time to do a work. If children are learning from you, try and spend some time reading in front of them. They will also feel the interest by watching you. This will make a drastic change when they grow up. Children are secondary, even the youths and teenagers are so involved into technology that they don’t want to do any kind of work but to spend enough time with their phones.

Technology is helping us in every matter and at the same time it is making people lazy. All the traditional working methods which were very lengthy and tiresome that there was no need for any other fitness routine. Now a days people are working less and spending time and energy just to stay fit. Technology has made people to neglect their daily work and become lazy as most of the work is done by all the gadgets. Later they feel to stay fit spending so much money time and energy.

Mind has been kind of brainwashed to some of the people. They can’t stay away from their mobile even while sleeping. This laziness has made most of them to avoid reading and writing habits. Reading can be done by audio books or videos and writing can be done by voice note. These are been brought up to save time but people are misusing the saved time in playing games or any other unproductive work.

Yes videos and voice notes have made possible to change the world for most of the physically challenged people but that is not the only way. Why do we have to leave our traditional way? Reading is something that has so many benefits but still it is avoided. No one has the patience to spend such time in reading lengthy messages or articles which may benefit them. They might instead watch a video on the same. If reading takes 10 minutes then the same content will be available through video in just 2 to 3 minutes.

Time is important rather it is the essential ingredient to transform our life. If you are able to save so much time through technology, why waste in unproductive works? Utilise the time to improve yourself where you are lagging or try and read some books. Reading will make you improve your language, your understanding skill and also better knowledge of world. Videos provide the same but when you read, you try to imagine yourself in the character but videos will make you see others. The power of imagination lies in reading.

Technology is helping mankind improve life but it’s upto your mind what you want to improve. Easiest way is not the way of leaders or champions. The way which challenges you makes you strong. Stand out from the crowd who are evolving into technology and show a different path of reading. If you count the benefits of reading, even one complete book won’t be enough to provide the details. Use the technology wisely, don’t let it use you.

Try and make children to read. Technology will never leave us but the good habits are leaving. Think of which way you are benefiting yourself as well as your offspring. If you make changes now, it will definitely make a change when they stand out unique from others. Learn better things and teach better things.


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