Power of imagination!

What is imagination? Is there any particular way to imagine something? Why is it important? Our mind doesn’t rest even for a single minute, not even while we are sleeping! So are these dreaming and imagination both the same?

Drive Through:

When you sleep, the dreams that arrive to you mostly depend on what you think of before sleeping. Some time these dreams are so helpful that they even show us the thing we crave for, but are uncontrolled. Dreams have so much meaning in them and what about imagination?

Imagination is something that you dream while you are awake. You might have heard of people shouting why are you day dreaming ? There is slight difference in a dream and imagining. You body is completely unconscious while you are dreaming and subconscious when you imagine.

Unconsciously you are not able to do anything that’s the reason most of them forget what they were dreaming of when they wake up. In the case of imagination, you mind is controlling your thinking process and it will store the data in your subconscious memory.

The role of subconscious mind is very important. Dream comes without any incoming signs and is uncontrolled where as when you imagine, you can think of what ever you crave for the most. You can keep on adding things in imagination. The stronger the imagination, stronger is your subconscious mind.

Many of them might have read the book Power of Subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy, it clearly depicts that the stronger our imagination, stronger the mind and this imagination will lead you to your path of success. The only thing is not to stop your crave for the thing you started imagining.

People can check anywhere, the one with great imagination power are the one changing the world. Sir Newton didn’t get the idea of gravity just by an apple falling on his head, instead he started imagining why did it come down and why not go up instead.

Similar is with all the scientist or doctors mathematicians any of the powerful people who have changed and trying to change the world. It all starts with one small imagination. This imagination will take you to your success.

If you start imagining now what you want to achieve or want to create, this will start showing you a path to take to reach your goal. It requires a lot of determination and hard work. People will try and insult you but have your focus on your goal.

Don’t just limit yourself to only one particular thing. Open up to the world and try to imagine more. The more you imagine, the stronger the mind gets and you can control your thoughts better. Power of imagination is the key to innovation.

Some may say you are day dreaming now but when you achieve what you started, the same people will start dreaming to be like you. Keep you goals higher and imagine more and more. Be imaginative, be creative.


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