Enemy of your life!

Who is your enemy? What is the role? How do you tackle? Does everyone have enemies? What are your comments on these questions ?

The very thing you may think of is a person or thing, but is it your real enemy? Are they permanent in your life to be as your enemy? I guess no. There is nothing permanent in this life and not even our life. Everything is limited. Then what’s the role of an enemy in your life?

The role:

First of all, the real enemy is none other than your anger. You might be in a wonder why anger and why not any person or thing. That’s the point right, you treat someone as an enemy only when you have some kind of aggression towards him/ her. So what made you treat him/her as an enemy? It’s the anger!

You anger has a different way of perception. It’s doesn’t let you to take the things or situations as it is. Your mind when under control of anger, will change everything around you. It starts to feel everything is wrong around you and feel like bursting out.

Even a slightest thing can make you angry and change the weather around you. That’s the power of anger. This is your real enemy and it will be there with you until the end of your life unless you treat it properly.

Very less people in this world can control anger or are present without anger. The monks and nuns are the people without anger and depression. Even common people can control their anger with certain procedures or methods.

Some people try a lot to control their anger but after many techniques and methods, they don’t find any key to control it. Let me make it clear to you, there is no external key to control your anger. It’s all your own perception.

If you want to control you anger, either move out of the place for time being or ignore the thing that’s making you angry. There are other methods too, like meditation and reading.

These exercises will train your mind to be calm and handle the situation calmly, but even these methods take lot of time and require patience.

Anger is such thing which has the power to manipulate the actual condition and make you realise it as something else. By the time you come to know you did it wrong, it will be too late. If you can’t control your anger, put into productive works.

This is a best way to utilise your negative point. Make it as a habit to try hard when you get angry. This will also help you to be determined. When a person gets angry, he/she tries to leave the work doing or avoid it and start with new one. If you do so, you won’t be able to do any work completely.

So use your anger and make up your mind to finish it. This will help you work faster as you get frustrated. But don’t hurry to finish which will lead you to make many mistakes. Take 2-3 long breaths and continue the work. Try to listen to music and continue but never leave the work in between.

This one is specially for youngsters who get angry very quickly when they are not able to solve something or due to stress. Use that anger. You anger produces little extra amount of adrenaline which will boost your speed and power of mind.

Make your enemy feel you are taking a good advantage of it and grow. This doesn’t mean to get angry at every point. Then there is no meaning to it. Never burst out suddenly when you get angry, first take long breaths and see carefully, then act.

This will change everything around you even when you get angry. Analysing the situation before you react or respond is better option. Let anything may be the reason for your anger. Try and think on it why you got angry in the first place and then respond to it.

Control you anger or utilise it in a productive work.

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