It all starts with you!

Why do think most of them can’t achieve their dreams? Is there something lagging in them or are their dreams too hard to achieve? What may be the answer for this ?

Start Now:

Many of you dream of achieving big which is very good, but do your work as per the requirement of your dream? Many give up at the starting point itself. You start imagining about your future dreams including the things you want to buy as you start earning.

This also includes working personnel too. Are you able to afford the things you had dreamt of buying when you will start working? Very few people will say yes and most them as no. Why are you not able to afford them even when you are earning?

It’s because your earning is not matching the requirement of your dreams right! You may dream of super cars or bikes, huge house and many things, but the salary you get may be not even sufficient to fulfil your daily needs. You may hardly be able to make a living from the salary.

Due to this you start feeling low and discouraged. You start giving up your huge dreams and start decreasing the value. From super cars to normal cars. Instead of doing so you could have done an alternative.

What is that alternative?

When you started dreaming, did you think of the path that is required to achieve those dreams? That’s where most of them lag. Start deciding the paths required to reach your dreams. Just by dreaming that you’ll buy that and this will not make your wish come true.

Nothing in this world is easy to achieve. Once you decide your path, ask yourself whether you are earning the required amount to reach your goal? If not then work more or try changing your path. Question yourself every time are you giving your best to achieve your dreams, then only you can reach your destiny. If you are lying to yourself, then there is no path that can take you to your dreams.

You can lie to others about your path or decision but not to yourself. Don’t do it just for the sake of doing. There should be a satisfaction in what you do.

College students still have time to set their goals and the required path to reach. Once you pass out from college, don’t immediately join to any random industry just for the sake of working. This is the reason you start degrading your dreams. Make yourself capable of joining some big industry or prepare yourself for some exams which you had been planing to clear.

Once you start working, the time you get to study will ultimately be minimum. There after you cannot regret thinking about your mistakes. Choosing the right path at the beginning of your career is very important to achieve your goals.

One more thing is starting point. Many of them just imagine and leave it there itself. They start spending time in entertainment and other stuff. These entertainment, web series and games are not going to be extinguished later, but the time your wasting now will not come back. There is no one who will come and poke you daily to work or study.

You should make up your mind to do it now. Now is the time to make some changes in yourself and work to achieve your dreams. It all starts with you.

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