A Mistake!

The mistake here I’m not referring to any small mistake that you commit everyday but to one that has been continued from the time of our ancestors. Yes this one mistake which is still being carry forwarded even by the young and growing generation.

What do you think might be the mistake I’m talking about? It’s not something huge word but it’s impact is very large. A mistake of your life.


Yes, here the mistake I’m concentrating is on the discrimination that each and every day people has to suffer. Most of them commit this mistake unknowingly, but only the victim can understand the true pain.

This one mistake or discrimination started at the times of kings and rulers. They did it in order separate people based the family i.e. Royalty and common. But the people coming under the family of royalty at that time themselves divided the common people even further.

One such division which started at that time is still being carry forwarded. They divided based on the type of work people did. Who would have thought it would come upto this far. But still today we see this kind of discrimination.

There is no such situation as Royalty, kings or rulers now. We live in a democratic world where everyone is equal. Then where is the equality when you have to discriminate someone. Earlier it was only based on work, but as the time went on, the types of discrimination also increased.

From work it went to religion, because different kinds of rulers came in and changed the perspective of people. Then it went on to gender and colour. Even today we can see such discrimination based on religion and colour.

It’s because of the constitution the untouchability has been removed or else even that would have also been present today. Many young kids we see today are calling names to their classmates based on the colour or type of attire they put on. Where is the moral education?

Parents need to teach their children but the parents are also doing the same which is being learned by their kids. If we are living in a democratic world, then need to behave like such.

If everyone is equal, then why do you have to discriminate based on religion and colour. Many of them think of being around studious people, which is good so everyone will get educated. But the same people will never try be with one who is black or who is from a low background.

Why do you have to bring in colour or background when you have to make friends. Even the society is not doing anything regarding this. In fact even society is boosting discrimination.

We see many advertisements regarding facials and creams which tries to picture a dark person not doing well where as after using cream getting the brightness you are able to make it.What’s the point in such show off’s. Everyone has their own ability and talent.

This is just making people to loose their confidence and are blaming themselves for being in such a condition. It’s not their fault they are born in low background or have dark skin.

There is no need to discriminate anyone. If you are discriminating based on anyones background, you must know that the work they are doing is to earn a living. They might have not been much educated which is why they took up such job.

They might have been doing to make their family happy so that they have food to eat and a place to live. They are feeding their family with the work they do and they don’t need to impress the society with it.

Some or the other time your ancestors might have done the same work. You are here just because your parents have worked hard to make you free from the burden they had faced.

The way you are discriminating someone based on the work they do, your parents or grandparents might have been through the same some or the other time. The only thing is they never let you know the suffering they faced.

Coming to colour, what’s the idea of have confidence if you are bright? There is no such thing. Dark colour people loose confidence because of humiliation caused by others which they have been facing from their childhood.

What would have happened if your are sent to live in a country where everyone is dark and only you are fare? Like South Sudan.

You don’t have to change just because people are saying something about your colour. Appearance never matters. What matters is your hard work and dedication.

Some are also into body shaming which is not a good thing. Some may have genetical problems or some due to side effects. It’s not their own choice they are in such a manner. Why do you have to treat them different. Even they are the same as we are.

They might have more capability then you posses. Never know when the plate will turn. If a person is very rich or highly educated or business man, you run behind them to get a job or just to have a talk without even trying to know the colour, appearance or religion of that person right.

Then why don’t you do the same with normal people too? It’s because of the position and power. You try to judge a person first with appearance like colour and attire, why don’t you first know about the person before judging.

They say never judge a book by its colour. There might be some meaning to it right.

Never insult a person based on his work, colour, religion, appearance. The person who you are insulting now or discriminating, may grow upto such a height that even you cannot touch them.

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