Taking a Shortcut!

What is a shortcut? Is it something that can be used by anyone? What are the pros and cons of a shortcut? Let’s discuss.


People tend to find many shortcuts in their work so that they can complete it as soon as possible and enjoy the remaining time. Not only work but also in everything they do expect for enjoyment. Nobody wants to take a shortcut while enjoying!

If you cannot take a shortcut while enjoying, why do you think of one while working? Shortcuts will only make you more lazy. We see people daily taking many shortcuts even while driving or working anything it may be. Does it help?

While you are travelling, if you find a shortcut, you may feel you are reaching early but even those routes have their own risks and problems. If there had been one shortcut, everyone would travel through the same path. Why would anyone want to take long steps?

These are the reason people are getting lazy and neglecting things. These small things start making a person lazy. This laziness will make you neglect the work. This negligence today will hinder your dreams tomorrow.

Taking a shortcut is not bad but what matters is how often you use. Shortcuts are made only at the time of emergency. We see people taking smaller routes in order to avoid the traffic signals.

Does anyone know why are the traffic signals provided? To minimise the traffic following one route. But if you start taking other routes, don’t you feel others will also start taking the same route and even that route may start flooding with more traffic.

Similar is with life strategy and shortcut. People who get successful will always try and push you to work hard, but if you are lagging somewhere, they tend to tell you about a secret. The secret shortcut to reach your goal.

First of all how will they know the shortcut to your goal? Even if they know one, it will only work for them. It’s because the strategy used will be different. Everyone have their own ability and power of working. Others shortcut may not work for you.

Main point to be noted is, one can tell you a shortcut only when it works for him/her. The thing is, it will only work when you are working hard to risk anything and struggle to achieve, then every route you take will become a shortcut.

That’s the reason people tend to tell you their path. It worked for them because they have struggled on that path and knows very well. If you start to take those steps now, you will have to struggle the same way as they did it.

It’s better to make your own path than to follow others. They may criticise you, make fun of you for not listening to them. But it all starts with one step out of the box. If you try and stand out of the crowd now, they may think of you as a lunatic, but when you reach your goal, the same people will start praising you.

Now is the time to think upon your path and work hard to turn it into a shortcut.

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