Why is it Important to Practise?

Is practising that important? If so then how? Do you also practise anything? Let’s discuss!


Many people are so ignorant that they do not want to practise anything. They just want to do it once and leave. Doing the same thing again and again will only make you bored right! Nobody tries to understand the outcome of practise, they only want end result without doing the work.

Most of them won’t remember what they were learning yesterday. Why does this happen? You may learn how to drive a bike or ride a bicycle, do you forget it after a month or year? No right! Then why do you forget what you read?

The work or things like riding or swimming or any other sport which involve physical moment continuously are tend to be in your subconscious memory. You will never forget those even if you loose your memory.

But this is not with the case of reading or doing some work which only involves mental involvement. You tend to forget it easily. This is because of interest and practise. You may not learn how to ride a bike in an hour or so or learn to swim in a day. Everything you do which has longer effect requires practise.

If you train your mind to work daily for certain time period, even the things you read can be remembered even after many days or months. The movies you see are tend to create a virtual picture in your mind. This will make you remember things easily as you feel your involvement as the lead character.

The same thing can be applied when you study or work which only requires mental involvement. If you want to remember formulas of mathematics or something you need to practise daily, then only you can remember it for long.

Just by memorising the things won’t help. The mind tends to test you. The things you try and memorise will not be for long. Yes, if you try and recall the things you memorised daily, will make you remember it for longer. Even this recalling the things you memorised is also a type of practise.

Everything you do repeatedly is a practise of some or other thing. Practise as long as you can so that you can be the master of those things. Practise makes a man perfect.

A swordsman can create the best swords in the world because he has done it for very long time. That is his practise. Similarly a warrior can battle with any sword and defeat the enemy because he has been training day and night. That is his practise.

Now if you ask a swordsman to use his best sword and fight a warrior with any common sword, the winner will always be warrior. You may think it’s very easy but the swordsman who knows each an everything about a sword could also win. He knows how hard the sword is, how it can withstand pressure. But what lacks is how to wield the sword.

It’s not the utilities that makes a man perfect or strong, it’s the practise in that field.

Be a warrior who can win with any sword.

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