Most of today’s generation is completely involved into looks and appearance. They just want to look good and impress others. Is it the only purpose of your life? What is in it to impress others?


Youths are so busy in just making themselves look better than others and want to impress them. Why do you want to impress others with your looks? Is that the only way to make some one impress?

It’s a basic sense that says first impression is the best impression. But it does not say about your appearance there. Impression can only be created by appearance is a misconception made by today’s generation.

That’s the reason today we see so many versatile type of dressing and looks. You get influenced by some huge stars or celebrities. You are so much into them that you make a copy of each and everything they do.

The dress, the looks, everything but do you copy the position of that celebrity or star? They have worked hard to reach there and now they are doing such style. They are not impressing anyone. It’s their position that impresses.

There is no need to be too modern in everything, even a descent looking person can impress someone. We see today the versatility of hair styling, colouring, different ways of dressing, but has anyone taught how to behave?

Everyone is just running behind looks. What matters is how to show your realness. You may wear branded clothes from top to toe but do not have any manners, do you think it will make anyone impresses? You are just wasting the precious time and money.

This kind of living or say to be more impressive starts from dreaming. Everyone dreams of having huge cars or bikes, branded clothes and what not. It’s a good thing to dream big but are you living it?

You will start living your dream the very next day you wake up from your bed. This is not the right way to live your dream. You are utilising the money that your parents have earned working hard so that they can do something they have dreamt of. The only reason they never let you know is because of your happiness.

If you want to live the way you dreamt of, start working for it and don’t waste your parents money. The way you look doesn’t matter when a suffix gets added to your name. What is the suffix? It’s nothing but the result of your work.

People will get impressed by the work you do. Even though you don’t wear any branded clothes or don’t come out of a luxurious car, still people will be impressed. It’s the way you behave, the way you work for your dreams.

It’s very hard to keeping working. But ultimately the outcome will be fruitful. Be so stable in life that even if you buy anything you don’t get into debt or loss.

Leave thinking about different kinds of dresses and looks, when you become successful and wear a tuxedo, then there won’t be anyone who will not get impressed. It doesn’t matters if you are wearing the same tuxedo everyday. It’s the position you’ve earned.

Work now so that you can live your life the way dreamt of and people will automatically get impressed or try to impress them now and work for the rest of your life.

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