The First Time!

Have you ever wondered why people keep pushing you to try again and again? Have you ever had the taste of first victory? The first job? Or the first salary? How does it feel? What makes a person to keep trying again and again?

The First Feel:

It’s not just only about first victory or first salary but the first feel you get whenever you do something new. Have you ever had the chance to be in a luxurious hotel for the first time? How does it feel? Have you even wore a branded tuxedo? What are your thoughts when you do so?

When you do a thing which is out of your reach for the first time, makes you feel very blissful and incredible at the same time. This is because of the feel that you get from it. What happens after then?

Once do you it for the first time, your mind and heart starts craving for it again and again. This is where your hustle starts. If it makes you very happy and comfortable, your mind makes you to be there or to do the same thing again.

These things keep the mind out of heavy work. That’s the reason your mind craves for it more and more. This is the inspiration anyone can get. This point of time no one needs any motivation from other people, these small things when felt by individual will make them work hard so that they live the same way.

But to feel the first time also you need to work hard. One cannot get luxurious life just by imagining. Once you start working, the amount inflow of money will make you mesmerised and make you work even more.

This is the reason people keep telling you keep trying and trying. Everyone just thinks of them as common words, but when you actually listen to them and keep trying, the first victory will make you so determined that from there on you will start giving more than earlier.

It all starts from the First time.

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