What is this word initiative? Why is it so important in life? Have you ever come across this word so far or is this the first time? Many people talk about being a leader but are they taking initiative?

A Quality!

Initiative is nothing but a quality of humans. There are so many qualities in human life but to stress upon, this initiation is very important. To start anything in your life, you need to first think upon and then act. This acting upon your ideas which start your work is called initiative or initiation.

This initiation can be of anything and nothing in particular. In simple words we can say, if you start something first rather than wait for others to order you or make you do it is called initiation. It all comes from within.

It is one of the best quality of a leader. A leader always comes first and acts first rather than waiting for others orders, but in other case who wait for others to tell will never have the initiative power.

To have this quality you need to be very active and have strong will power. Only courageous people have the power of initiation. To be initiative, you need to have your control over your mind.

Being initiative doesn’t mean you need to show up first in the office or be quick with responses. Yes these are some of the examples of being initiative but that’s not all. It can be everywhere. Specially with those things to which you are addicted.

Today’s generation is completely addicted to mobiles phones and gadgets. There are very good outcomes of those gadgets but not completely. Some of them are just involved in social media scrolling the page until they pass the time. But can something other than that be done?

Scrolling the pages won’t make you strong enough to achieve your goal. You need to leave it and start working hard to achieve and this idea to leave your enjoyment and start working requires initiation. Once you start scrolling the pages, the new memes and other things won’t let you leave it aside and keep you attached to it. It requires strong will to keep it aside and work.

You may think of leaving it and start working but as you scroll down, your will starts decreasing and loose interest on work. That’s the reason it requires determination and courage to act upon what you think. This acting upon your thought of leaving the phone is also and initiation to betterment.

Not only about mobile phones but there are many things that hinder you from working and keep you busy in mere entertainment. Yes I agree entertainment is important but that too has a limit. Now is not the time you entertain but to work.

Some might have got addicted to TV some to mobile, there are very few who has the addiction to books. The amount of knowledge you get from books is far enormous than compared to any mobile or TV. Yes they contain more facts and new ideas, but they are not greater than any book.

That’s the reason I mentioned in the beginning that initiation requires strong will power and determination. Your mind always play games with you and keep you involved in unproductive work. Very few people have their control over Mind and are working hard to achieve their goals.

Take initiative to start something new everyday. Be a role model to others and don’t just keep yourself involved in mobiles and series. The time you waste now will never come back. Every minute you spend is important and has more value than any jewellery. You are not just wasting the time but also your life.

Think upon yourself and act now. Acting now is nothing but taking initiative to start your life. Don’t just keep it in a limited space and hinder yourself. Life is too small to explore the world. Be a leader to take initiative and explore more.

Facing challenges is also a kind of initiation, the point you start taking initiative, your life will start getting moulded into the way you want it to. Looking at the phone won’t mould your mind and life but dreaming and working upon those dreams will.

Don’t just go with the flow but have the courage and take initiative to change it to the way you want.

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