True Self!

To know one’s self is to know one’s true identity. Our personalities are made up of many facets that we pick up and reflect from our experiences. Sometimes they are strong and cover the real you. Still it is possible to know it to a greater extent by knowing yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, fears and so on.

How you manage your life, guide others, take charge, perform and behave in relationships really depends on how effectively you use your strengths and identify your weaknesses which you will discover when you truly know your “self”.

You therefore need to discover and become your own true person, not what others perceive you to be; also not who you believe you must be, but the person that you truly are.

Getting to know yourself is a lifelong process. An individual needs to remove all of the multiple personalities (masks) that he puts on for different people and at different times. He needs to get down to the core of his essence and get rid of his own false self-images and delusions.


We start creating these self-images and delusions only when we are afraid of failure. Failure not only indicate examinations. Failure can be said to one who give up before trying. Who is thinking about others and not about himself. Who keep on thinking about other people thoughts.

These kind of things start creating a different personality inside you which appears only when you feel insecure or don’t want to be around. That’s not your true self or identity. If you are able to keep the same identity to everyone then it’s true.

You may hear different opinions about you from many different peoples, why do think that happens? It’s because you portray different actions and responses with different people. These things are your weakness which you don’t want to disclose to others.

Your weakness can be turned to your strength only when you work upon them without fear of being laughed by others or by failure. That is when you can overcome your weakness. Try and be the same person all the time. This will also make you analyse all the situations perfectly.

Mind controls all your weakness and puts forward at some situations. These situations are those in which you had failed once and now you are afraid to take up again. These hinderance, negligence or unwillingness will create more and more weakness.

Get hold of yourself and build more and more strength by facing many challenges and situations. If you fail, don’t start blaming and instead encourage yourself to face it with more preparation next time.

All the weakness are created by yourself just to stay in a safe zone. If you step out of it, all those weakness will turn into your strength. It’s not what others think you are, but it’s all about what you think of yourself and show yourself.

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