A Question!

What is a question? What are the benefits of questions? Do you question some one about something ? Let’s discuss it all!


Have you ever wondered why is questioning so important or why the concept of question has come up? If someone asks you a question, you try to answer it in a very simple way and try to move away from the situation in order to stay away from more questions.

Do you ask the questions to someone? Questions here doesn’t only regard to your study or academics. A question can be anything, any kind and can ask to whomsoever you want.

Why is questioning so important?

Why does the teachers ask you questions when they complete the syllabus or topics? Just to check whether you have understood the topic so far or no. It doesn’t mean you have to reply the same way the teacher taught you. Understanding is very important.

Similarly even with life there are many things to which a person does not know any answers. To know these answers one needs to ask question. A person who stays quite just thinking he knows everything is the person who knows nothing.

One should never be arrogant towards knowledge. Have the mindset of a child where in you keep asking thousands of questions just to make sure you have understood one simple thing.

If you become arrogant about the knowledge you have, you may never grow up and move forward. A person who knows everything but stills asks doubts and question is the one who will move forward too soon.

Asking questions will only make you a person with a better mindset. You start understanding the reason for the things that are around you and the things that are happening in the surrounding. This will change the way you think and bring in a lot of new ideas and also questions.

The one who behaves like he is least bothered about the things happening around, will never know what is going to come and will be least likely to succeed like others.

This is why questioning is such an important tool to understand the basic, intermediate and the advanced things. If you know something then share the knowledge to others when they ask you and vice Versa.

Others may feel irritated by your questions, they may seem stupid or silly, but these stupid and silly questions gives rise to best ideas. The one who is clear with the basics can come up with better ideas and solutions than compared to those who knows little about basics and only talk about advanced.

Never console yourself with anything. Stand up and ask your silly doubts. You may not feel the presence of air but is very essential for survival. Similar is questioning to success.

If you feel shy or the person is not responding properly to your doubts or questions, make use of the technology which has so many different answers and ways of explanation. Learn yourself and teach others.

Questioning is the key to success. Never just come up with your answer, ask everyone, some brilliant people lives among us, teachers, parents or even our friends. Ask anyone. These questioning will also keeps the misunderstandings away from you.

Sometimes there may not be an answer to something. That is the point where you can come up with one through all the knowledge you have gathered and explain the same to others. This will not only benefit you but also everyone.

The point when you start asking questions about each and everything around you and the presence and it’s requirement, then the tries answers will start unravelling in front of you.

Be kind while asking questions, never command. Be humble with the words, then only the person answering will start to talk. Make use of the brilliant invention “A Question” and find all the answers in your life.

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