Turning Point in Life!!

This is the most vulnerable point in life, the complete future of a person’s life depends on this single point and it’s none other than the time of choosing career. Yes this point is very crucial and need to be attended very carefully, one wrong step and may end up choosing a wrong option. I’m not scaring or mocking anyone as this point depends the way the a person will live in his upcoming time.

Choosing career is also not that tough but it becomes tough due to too many options to deal with. The only point that depends is the option that will best suit you and not the other way around. You should choose an option that will make you more confident and upgrade the skill that you have within and not to choose the one which looks good and you need to built up too many skills in order achieve it. Ok skills can be ignored it can be controlled but the big mistake people make is not knowing when is the time to decide the career or say ambition. Most of them are in a fantasy world until they reach higher secondary or say tenth grade and become too serious from there onwards believing that scoring in tenth will give a better option. I want to clear the dilemma they are in, the options never change whether you score 90 or 80 but they are the same, it’s just a belief that made you think so. Scoring more is an advantage to showcase the skills and the only way you can score better is only when he has the clarity of his career option.

This point needs to be stressed more as you cannot regret after choosing an option. Children need to be clear about aim before reaching grade nine, only then they can focus more towards one particular aim and will have no fluctuations. This can be done only by parents, I mean parents need not stress the child to take the option which best suits you but instead you need to motivate the child in which he or she is showing interests. Parents can easily recognise the interests of their child so it is an advantage for them to nurture the child in that particular field from grassroots itself, this way the child will be more ambitious and will be more successful in a very short time. If parents show fluctuating behaviour with the interests of the child, believe me it will directly affect the ability of the child and not yourself.

Many parents show very good interest by teaching their child with various activities which also includes sports which is really helpful but it should not happen that at later stages you become the reason for your child to discontinue the activity by forcing them to leave everything and to focus only on studies. Parents at the early stages of the child show good interest in different kinds of activities, but when the child is about to reach puberty, they start banning all these activities themselves and force them towards academics. This is really what makes a child to loose interest in everything and starts feeling disheartened. The child won’t be able to show the same interests in academics as it was in other activities. I agree Academics is very important and cannot be neglected, so the parents has to show interest towards the academics and other activities of the child from early stage itself. This way they can cope with both the things and also build multi tasking ability which will help them in future. This way parents can make the child to be motivated every time and be fixed with the decisions.

Never try to confuse the child with different options at different stages of life, making him feel like an engineer first then after few years change the aim towards being a doctor later to some other, this way the child will be confused and won’t be quick in making decisions.

The more important thing that parents need to know is, ask your child before even forcing them to do something, this part will really help and make them achieve success rather than running behind it. At certain age when the child is mature enough to take some decisions, have a conversation regarding career, this will help the parents from bidding on the wrong horse, both time and money can be saved and will make the child’s life happier. This conversation is very important that parents need to start as most the children have the fear of being rejected with the option, also don’t dishearten them by doing so instead ask the outcomes and other opportunities of the child’s interested option which will make both parents as well as child to be clear with decisions and avoid regression. This will also avoid the child from taking up some option now and then after completing graduation get confused about next step. Also one should never copy or compare to others as everyone is not made for the same thing, being clear about yourself is very important.

Parents need not get angry or depressed if the child doesn’t support your option and wishes to choose his own, because if you force to choose and if the child gets failed in later stages then parents cannot blame the child for not getting through and can neither of you regret about the decision.So being clear about the career option at early stage is very important and to be clear enough. This will make you achieve even more than what you actually desired. The role of parents is very important and never neglect.