Why is Extra Curriculum so Important!

Have you ever asked this question to yourself or to others? Most of them would have probably answers as they never knew. Why didn’t you ask any of your teachers at that moment, seemed a bad idea to anger the teacher? However there’s a very good reason for having these activities in life.

Now this one is for the youths who have completed or on the verge of completion of their degree, why there is a column of extra curricular activities to be mentioned in your resume! Now you might be knowing the answer why the extra curricular activities are important. They are not just there to fill up your resume by the way, there’s a lot more which deals with your traits. Every activity you do tell one of your quality indirectly, which is far more better than bringing it directly. Let me make it bit clear, if someone asks your hobby or favourite sport or past time and you say it may be like football or puzzles or art singing and many more, you will make one of your quality to be showcased at that moment to the person without telling them directly.

These extra curricular activities make sure a person is active in every field possible and not only academics, which makes the person even better. If you are good at academics say highest scorer and have not involved in any other activities like sport or stage activities then the value of that person may be high in academics but overall he will be just an average and may sometimes be named a bookworm, whereas a person average in academics and likely to participate in most of the other events and activities will hold a good value and have more impact also in the resume.

It all comes down to one point when you are attending an interview for a job selection for some company or want to build up business, whether you are having enough quality to impress others. You may have the quality but have not done anything other than studies and bring out the points of your qualities, the person or interviewer is more likely to feel you are bluffing, even though you have those qualities. Someone else with average marks with a bunch of activities mentioned in the resume will no need explain himself or bring out the qualities but instead he will directly get convinced because of the points brought out in resume.

These activities are not only for the purpose to make out in resume and get a well paid job, instead they can even change the way of life moulding the way we want to. No one is a born leader, the path we choose makes us one. Most of the people are afraid of interviews or have stage fear, even though it’s not much different but what matters is confidence. What may be the difference between an interview and an interaction? Only suppose interview will have some marks and interaction doesn’t, that’s why everyone is quite confident at interaction rather than an interview. You may be having abundant knowledge but if you lack confidence, it not worth as you may bring up very little about you because of fear. These fears of talking to an interviewer or speaking up on stage can be lifted only through practise and these activities help us to do it. Picking up these skills at early stages will lead to change in personality and make up a more confident person. Many opportunities are just waiting, you need to grab them, practise them and excel. If you are confident enough then any interview be no less than any interaction for you.

Initial stages will be bit tough and will lead to more competition but this will only make you more stronger in that field. Every point of our life is a test, if you have the faith and confidence then any test can be done with more positivity in life. Parents need to guide them to these extra activities which makes the kid with more talent to build in, these days academics is not the only thing that matters but an overall buildup. Like ways sports are also important, these will keep the stamina built up very time physically as well as mentally.

Some of the extra curricular activities like debate, paper presentations, quiz or even becoming the master of event will not only build confidence but also helps you gather unlimited knowledge, take up these at very earliest, don’t wait for something miraculous to happen for you to make a jump start, all you need to know is what you choose to do now will make you lead your further life. Every decision you are making now gives the outcome at a later stage, if you want to lead a successful life then start making yourself talented that success follows wherever you go.

There are many activities to list out life some are mentioned above and some like singing, dancing, mimicking and the list goes on. Everything done in the presence of audience matters the most in building confidence, making eye contact with your opposite person or talk to yourself on the mirror, everything has its own way to come out.

These activities mould the mind in such a way that the thinking ability will gradually increase step by step leading to growth of overall self. This happens because of competition, it will make you to think farther, to grab more chances, to reach out many possible audiences with best possible ways and points. The interest will increase, this will also improve your way of communication which plays a huge role in ones life and gradually the change the style of living into a very formal approach. The communication automatically goes to higher level as you keep going with the activities. This is where many lag, which brings the fear out of everyone, nothing is easier and everything can be controlled but only by practise.

Never mind if you have passed out from school or college life, you can even do it now by doing some presentation at your own company explaining things to juniors or sharing things that other co-workers who don’t have the idea, this will lead to interact more in a positive way which helps in building your confidence. It’s never late to start something new for the benefit of life.

It’s just one thing that plays a major role in shaping the personality of an individual, never leave this part of your life unattended grab each and every opportunity you get to showcase yourself and your skills, bring up with new ideas which you think will help the society and take up the stage as a platform to reach as many as possible. This will also benefit the society with some of your ideas, this way both self as well as society can be altered to a better change. So yes, the extra curricular activities are very important in life which has a vital role in changing the life of an individual and to changing the society.