What is success? Is it anyone’s cup of tea! Is it something that everyone praises you after achieving it? Is it something that you wanted to do? What is it then ? How can you be a successful person? What you need to do to be a successful person ? And what after ?

Wondered about so many questions at the very beginning! Yeah me too. I want to know what success actually means. Success is something that make you feel self satisfied after doing a particular work, it may or may not be a big work even the small things matter a lot. Success not only means in achieving huge goals earning in dollars or commanding a group of men, it even lies the small work that a person does, it could be anything starting from feeding a street dog to feeding millions of people.

Success of every individual differs, if you want to know what success is ask the famous boxers, ask the entrepreneurs, the soldiers, this I’m telling not because they are at the top but because they know the real value of success. They didn’t get there just by doing some magic saying those words “Abracadabra” and suddenly everything changes, it takes a lot to reach there nothing is easy go. Everyone has to struggle to achieve success or say to taste the sweetness of success.

You may be working in a small company or be the CEO of it, all that matters is the path you choose to act upon. For everything you decide to do on has two ways to go, the easy way and the not so easy way. It’s all up to you to choose, well the destiny may be the same. If you don’t like failures or you don’t want to fail you can go with the easy way but the the real value of success won’t be found. If you can’t wait and wish to face any hurdles obstacles upon the path, you may fail at times, but never giving up makes you strong and the final taste of success will be unbelievable.

Most of them would try to choose the easy path, after all who wants to face failure when you have easy path without such disappointments but even the easy path have their own challenges own hurdles which may not be so tough as compared to the not so easy path but they are lot more time consuming and will end up with only little satisfaction with small part contributing in it and you won’t be satisfied with it. I say this because if you desire or your final goal is one particular thing, then even though you fail once twice how many times it may be, all that matters is are you trying ? If yes then after achieving the success you will be able to live it fully and the satisfaction at that point will be untraceable.

The main reason why people make mistake in choosing the wrong path is, they think anything can be achieved easily as they are not able to see the struggle some person has gone through in order to reach at that particular position, nobody notices the hard steps taken until brought to the notice by the successful person. Nothing is difficult until you think it as.

This I want to express to the youngsters, every goal has its own path and you need to be wise enough to choose the path, doesn’t matters if you lost in the first attempt! It only makes you more focused and will bring out your weakness, this will help you in making yourself strong by overcoming those weak points and give a better competition to others at the next attempt.

Parents do get demoralised when their child doesn’t perform well, it doesn’t show incapability but you need to know it projects the areas the improvement. Focus on those platforms and see for yourself in the next attempt. And that success when you get back what you deserve is mesmerising. One more important thing to be noted is whether you like the work you do or no? You can’t get on top until you make it as your dear job, if you hate what you do just need to focus on something else, everyone cannot be a racer or a boxer or an entrepreneur, everyone has different ability, need to focus on what you like, make that as your passion.

If a person is not good at academics he may be good at sports or extra curricular activities or some invention who knows, so no need to demotivate anyone specially don’t fell low about yourself when you get less marks or not be get qualified for something, it just states work hard and even if that doesn’t help, do what makes you feel satisfied.

At the very beginning I pointed, success is what makes you feel satisfied, not what others think about you. You may feel better making statues or serving people , it only means there’s an artist or a leader in you just need to bring it out.

Self satisfaction is the key to success, if there’s self satisfaction in the work you do, you will definitely get successful.