What is life? Is it a normal routine of any living person? Is it any wish that is granted by god? Is it Some alms from someone? So what is it? Nobody known me what life is. We just came down to earth, we have life, we are just following the same things that everyone else does! What is the use of doing the same things that all these people are doing from such a very long time and who doesn’t even know what life is! Has anyone thought why we are born humans and other living beings as animals or creatures, insects whatever, anyone ? There is very less chances of being thought of this question. Everyone is just going on for a race just to earn more money.

Just think for one moment why are you so perfect? Atleast near to perfect with all these good health, money, house everything, no offence to the disabled. Why are you born in such a condition different from others? Well everyone is different from one another there might be something! Which is why you are born as a human and not as an animal, well even they have their own destiny but humans have a well defined destiny that’s why only humans have the power to think and act. No other creature on this planet has the power to think first before acting.

Every living thing in this universe has its own purpose to be fulfilled, the moment the purpose is fulfilled, the soul leaves the body and searches some other body to fill some other purpose. It’s all in your destiny to do. Yes there are some accidents that happen which will lead in some changes to the destiny where the soul has to leave without any exception and the purpose remains unfulfilled. Everyone needs to know this, there’s a small difference between purpose and desire, desire is something that being in this life form what you want to achieve where as purpose is something for which you are born. Everyone has their own desire, to become the richest man or president, prime minister or may be something else, that is inner desire. The purpose is unknown, this will be realised only at the moment when someone is actually fulfilling the desire, there’s always a gut feeling which tells you that yes this why I am born.

Life is such a beautiful creation, we have our own thoughts, our own desires and our own purpose, don’t fall into something that distracts your desire as well as your purpose. The purpose can never be distracted, it will however get fulfilled but the main thing is through which means. We can control the path in which we want to travel, make your desires so strong that whatever may be the reason and you never give up on it. Some people are wasting the precious time in engaging themselves to some unwanted habits which leads to decrement of life period. Enjoy every moment of the life why to waste in such habits which will decrease your time period.

Every exam has its own time limit, either you concentrate on your own paper and excel or just get some passing marks all depends on the persons mentality. Similar is the way with life, it has its own time limit, either make yourself so strong to tackle any obstacle on your path and excel with the desire or just get passing marks with going with the flow. It’s all personal choice. At the end of the day results are results no one can change them, some will get good marks and thrive through life and some get passing marks but none will get failed in the exam of life, it will definitely give you another chance if you are ready to battle all the hurdles in your path with dedication. Remember you can cheat in exams but cannot cheat or take a short cut in life.

The people who got less marks may regret or sometimes feel jealous about others who excelled, it’s your mistake that you didn’t compete, it’s you who gave up soon with only passing marks, god has given the power of thinking to everyone, it’s just the matter of standing up and competing. Everyone is equally eligible. The main thing here is competition must taken sportively and not to make some damages to others. Life will always give you chance.

There are always some part in one’s life where in a person or an animal or some non living thing come into life to make some changes, it could be positive, negative or neutral. It all depends on how we react to those changes. Positive changes happens to those who keep struggling throughout and don’t get success because of some minor failure, there is always help for the universe in some of the form which will happen unknowingly. The second one is negative, it’s not to hinder the person, it’s to warn someone that something is about to happen and be prepared, it could be anything major or minor, these indication have to be taken seriously, these are the reasons for belief in superstition. The last one is neutral, this is something that keep happening but we are unaware of it, some changes happen but it won’t come to the notice until something big happens, this plays a major role as positive and negative are for shorter period where as neutral has its own time limit, it may be quick or take long steps.

The time we spend productively is the time counted, it may be your own physical workout, the time you spend with family, helping each other, the time you spend to your friends, to society and to nation. Every part of the life is counted which will lead to happiness afterlife, social cause is the better cause, this is time where in you can help some one not by action atleast by the knowledge you possess, don’t let it go waste by saying the secret will die with me, fill your life happiness and don’t let it go waste.

Have belief in whatever you do, never take the part of anything in your life as a joke, utilise the beautiful life to make something useful not only for self but also for society. The work in which we have self satisfaction is the best work.