The second stage of pandemic is taking a critical step in making the living habitat of humans worse than it was earlier. The number of cases are increasing even after the lockdown! So is it the mistake of people or it’s the improper allocation of rules? Everyone wanted to see India to be the number 1 country of course in the matter technology of development but I guess the later part was ignored and now India is at number 1 for the most number of cases. Why did this even start when everything was getting normal ? Not only this but also a new problem has risen “The Black Fungus” also known as Mucormycosis which is kind of infection caused inside the brain of the infected person.

It’s caused by a group of molds called mucormycetes and often affects the sinuses, lungs, skin, and brain.You can inhale the mold spores or come into contact with them in things like soil, rotting produce or bread, or compost piles.The infection can happen to anyone at any age. Most people will come into contact with the fungus at some point in their everyday lives. But you’re more likely to get sick if you have a weakened immune system because of a medication you’re taking or because you have a health condition like diabetes, cancer, HIV, organ transplant, steroid use, injected drugs, malnutrition, poor birth weight. Some of the symptoms of mucormycosis will depend on where in your body the fungus is growing. They may include fever, cough, chest pain, shortness of breath, swelling on one side of face, headache, sinus congestion, belly pain, nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, blood in stools, diarrhoea.

This black fungus is also spreading too much as you may see the immune of system of COVID patients is not strong enough to with stand the effect of the fungus. A huge operation has to be done in order to recover. If you find any of the symptoms please don’t try to become a doctor by yourself in taking any stupid medication but report to hospital as soon as possible.

First it was Covid and now Black fungus who know what’s next! So why is this all happening to man kind? Is it Some kind of warning from the almighty or negligence towards one’s health? Some people are saying it’s a bio war taking place where as another theory comes out as experimental investigations on different kinds of viruses, some are even saying it’s the Mother Nature taking back revenge, scientists say it’s due to global warming that’s melting the huge ice blocks which was contains may unknown bacteria and viruses which are now loose and active due to rise in temperature. Who knows the answer to these and what might be the exact solution?

Whatever may be the reason just don’t let our Mother Nature be harmed, she has taken care of us since the very beginning of mankind and it’s now our turn to return the favour. Do the research, experiments but it doesn’t mean one to destroy the work space or the living space of humans. People were so indulged in their own improvement that lead to the destruction of the earth surface. Many of the forests have been chopped down for the settlement of people, huge roads are built to travel and to travel huge vehicles, which emit the pollution. These have to be controlled, there are many steps coming like electrification of vehicles, technology towards agriculture, but is it enough?

Take out some time to spend towards betterment of nature, it will in fact return to us. The more the number of trees planted the more oxygen will be generated and will no longer need to spend money for oxygen. One can take this as challenge to showcase his talent towards planting, try to plant more number of saplings than your neighbours and be more decorative which will also built the sportsman’s spirit. Start with personal house than increase it to your lane than your area, then locality, then city which will make a big difference.

Try and save the Mother Nature , don’t let her take revenge for the greediness of some stupid people’s work.