Sleep! Is it Essential ?

Many youngsters now a days have addicted to the gadgets so much that they are not getting the ample amount of sleep required by the body. People think if they are not getting enough time in the day to fulfil all the needs, they start even working at night. Youths have got themselves into these web-series so much that it keeps them awake all night to complete it fully, I wonder if this dedication would have shown towards studies, then there would have been no failures at all.

Many IT companies allocate night shifts to the workers and after the work they sleep at day time, which I won’t say is not good but compared to night it’s not so useful. They have got no other option if they are allotted night shifts or some other where in half of the night is taken away. If you ask the elderly people, they say the perfect time to sleep is 10-6 and why is that? Because olden days after the sun sets, all the people would finish of their dinner and clean themselves make arrangements of next days works and dose off to bed, would wake when the sunshine hits the ground, which nowadays is approximately at 6 O’clock.

There are many scientific theories and some traditional ways and saying about a proper sleep. According to Hindu Mythology. The perfect time to sleep was 9pm to 3am and the timings from 3am to 4am is considered the best time to study as this was the time when the goddess of knowledge Saraswati used to teach the god of creation Brahma. According to science the best time to sleep is also near by that is 10pm to 5am. Getting up earlier than sun rise gives you time to make yourself ready to welcome the day.

So there are many confusions as what would be the best time to sleep and wake up! If you compare both the science and Mythology, the timing are almost near by, so there is no exact timing but they vary minutely, only thing to worry is the amount of sleep required. Have you noticed the time difference between the two described above? It’s about 6 hours to 7 hours and according to elderly it goes up to 8 hours. Basically the minimum amount of sleep required by a person is 6 hours.

We work in the day and sleep in the night, have you ever wondered why this happened and how it started? You may say it’s all because of visual effect which from day and night. Day we have complete visual where as at night we need the help of some light to see the objects. I agree this is also the reason or a strong reason we can say, but have you noticed yourself or someone who’s working in an IT company on night shifts. The body doesn’t respond as quickly as it would have been earlier, this is because of irregular sleep time. Even if they sleep whole day and then go to work, they will still feel tired because at night our body starts doing the work of breakdown of food that we eat. According to biology, organs need rest and when we sleep they are also at rest was the explanation, but the process of breaking down of food molecules is faster at night when you sleep, that’s the reason to youngsters who stays up all night to study for the exams and feel hungry within 2-3 hours after dinner.

Have you noticed the sleep amount of a baby! It’s more than 15 hours. This is the reason they are so active. The more the sleep the more active and healthy they are. But this won’t help everyone, they need to study, work, feed the family and many more things to be done in just single day of 24 hours. One thing is to be kept in mind, the better the sleep the more active the body. An average person requires complete 6 hours of sleep at the minimum to work efficiently along side a morning walk or a jog which refreshes the mind.

Sleeping ample amount helps brain to develop its capacity and capabilities, the power of memory increases, concentration and alertness. This can be explained easily, if a person sleeps atleast 6 hours and wake up get freshen up after a small morning walk or yoga, it won’t make him feel lazy the whole day and can also help in concentration.

Human brain works all 24/7 without rest but there is a way where in brain can be given proper relief and that is through self relaxation. Sleeping gives relaxation to physical body, but the mental relaxation is done only by proper input of ideas which can be controlled by a simple technique is early morning walk. This is because early morning have it’s own freshness with cool breeze and the beautiful scenery which make the mind to calm and relax, yoga is also another technique. If these two things sleep and walk are controlled by anyone then the day would go very well for them, anyone can try this.