Strongest Person

I can begin myself with a wish “Happy Mother’s Day”. Mother a person who can be praised forever and can never be enough with the limited words. The very person in anyone’s life is a mother, according to Hindu Mythology she is the first person to take birth on the world and later on gave birth to her children, so the name Janani means who gives birth. She is treated as a living god and a good blessing from her can make anyone’s day.

Mother has many synonyms in different language but all have the same meaning and love to her. A girl will be born in a different family and get married to someone she loves to later on, but her unconditional love and care starts when she gives birth to a child. No matter what happens to her but she will never give up caring and loving the child.

God gave the ability to give birth to only women because he knew that she is the strongest person who can handle any situation and bear any severity of pain just for the person she loves. The nature of women is soft but her will power is the strongest in the world. Men are physically and mentally strong but they were a given a different job to hold on to the lady and his family who left all her beloved ones just for him, men were given the job to feed the family and keep them safe.

Women have to go through a lot more suffering when it comes to giving birth, this is the only time that mother is happy when the child cries. The first cry of the baby that makes her so blessed and satisfied, believes that her purpose is fulfilled. She feeds the baby, nurtures it, turns to a full grown man or woman, but that’s not where the care and love ends. She believes the child to be the same young baby even though he/she is fully grown and feels the same until her last breath.

Mother is the first teacher for a child even before reaching a school, she teaches her the way of life, how to lead a good life, how to be successful person. She is the only person in the entire world where in even if the person looses all the hopes, but mother never gives upon her child, she praises him for even his minute success and takes his loss as her own.

There’s a saying ‘ Behind every successful man there is a woman’ and as per me I believe is to be the mother because if she isn’t there for him when was not able to perform, when he had given up, when he thought everything was over, when he became weak, when he fell sick, she’s the only person who stood for him and fought against everyone, she’s the one who gave him strength. A mother can fight an entire world for her child that is the strength of a mother. “ Happy Mothers Day to the strongest person”.