Respect is something which is earned and not ordered. This is understood by all but is it applicable everywhere? And to whom? Someone pays you respect only when you do the same to others. You cannot force someone to respect you or show gratitude. It’s applied to everything on this planet starting from human and living thing to non living.

Yes you got it correct, you need to pay respect to even non living things. You may feel what foolishness will this be, right? I’m saying this because every particular thing that is present on this planet and in your life has its own role to play and assist you in some or other way. Respecting non living things doesn’t make you feel degraded, don’t think of other people but influence them to follow you in such matters.

So why do we need to respect non living when they won’t feel anything, that’s what will be running in your head. The point here is, everyone thinks of receiving back when they give something to someone and similar is with respect. Humans respect others in order to get the same from the counter part. What will non living things pay you back when you show respect? I will tell you that these non living things are giving us so much as compared to living but it is unnoticed because they don’t react and living things react to every feeling that is shown.

Why I pointed that non living give us more than living is, when you get angry on someone or some animal they will react back and there might be chance of getting apart. When you get angry on something, you will avoid it for time being but later on you will again go back to it because it won’t leave you. There are many things in our lives without which our life is incomplete it could be the smallest thing like tweezers to the costliest thing like your home or car. Each of them have their own role which makes our lives complete. People may stay with us or may not until our last breath but these things doesn’t fade away. They are available to us until last and even after our generation they will be the same. Take the example of chairs, tables and even the shoes or slippers without which most us won’t able walk on the roads or sit on the chairs or decorate, similar is with other things too.

It’s not just because they stay as long as we do but it’s the need and necessity that makes us to pay respect. Respecting these things will make us more attached to each and everything around us and will keep them in their best condition. If these things are not maintained, they might stop working some day. Keeping our things in their best condition will make them work properly and will not get deteriorated. If you don’t care and maintain your things, it make you careless and these thing won’t last. They will get fade away and the value of these things won’t be known.

Caring any things will make a person more stable and will have the knowledge of everything. If you start caring for your things, you will be more dedicated to the work you do. It’s because the things you use will make you happy if they are working fine and smooth. Respecting humans will make you gain the respect in terms of words from the same person or people but if you start respecting the things that you use and maintain them, they will show you respect in terms of work which is far more important than any persons words.

Things is done, what about the work we do ? Yes we need to respect the work we do. Let it be any kind of work, if we don’t respect the work, we won’t get the results and payback from the work. If you don’t like the work then better change is as soon as possible because you cannot regret later and blame your work. If you balm your work it will blame you back and similarly if you show respect to your work, it will provide you fruitful results that will be noticed by others. Now how to show respect to the work? It’s simple, just do the work from your heart and don’t show any hatred towards it. If you are fully into the work, you are more likely to complete it in a perfect manner and if you blame or do the work thinking about something else, the work you do will have no value. Take an example of a painter, if he does a painting with his full dedication and heart, it may cost more than millions and if some other painter who is just for the sake of money is doing, won’t be able to make so much money.

If you show your complete dedication into the work, it will definitely pay you back in terms of good result. The work can be anything but particularly I want to stress upon the hobbies that you develop. These hobbies you have now will make you successful some day. I’m saying this because most of them will have complete dedication and heart in their hobbies like painting, poetry, literature, music and many. This dedication towards the work is nothing but showing respect to the work we do. Don’t be shy about the work you do instead treat it as your blessing from the almighty. No one is treated low or high with type of work they do, everyone will get the results of their work.

Be happy with what you have today, respect it. If you respect what you have today it may bring you something big tomorrow but instead of you disrespect the things you have today, may have to loose it tomorrow. It’s because the almighty is looking after everyone, it may be some power or lord anything, or it may even be some kind of energy. If you talk in terms of almighty or god, he knows who is caring and respecting the things he provided and will make sure to provide even better the next time and if you don’t care for what you have and crave for something else, you will even have to loose what you have now.

If you want to say it in terms of science like energy or something, Newton’s third law says it all, every action has equal and opposite reaction. If you show respect, will get back respect if you don’t, you won’t get it.

Care what you have today and live fully, not to crave for tomorrow and loosing the precious today.