First step towards Success!!!

There are many steps towards success and a variety of them. But this step is very crucial and without which one cannot be clear about the ambition and path to be travelled.

So what is this crucial and important step? It’s not so complicated and hard to understand, well many of you do know this part indirectly. You may be using it but unknowingly.

It’s Desire.

Yes, it’s just one simple word Desire. It may seem simple but it’s the only step which can give you better and clear path you will be travelling in your life. One can never begin his/her journey without this step.

Ever wondered why desire is so important and crucial? Ok! Everyone might have had the dream to achieve some or other thing in life, but are you making it your desire to achieve?

A dream is just the beginning or glimpse of your ambition. The dream or imagination shows what you want to have or become, but are you pushing yourself further to look more into it?

Not just desire but I would say burning desire to achieve something will definitely lead you to your path. Many of the youth gets influenced by celebrities and stars, they want to become like them. Some people may be dreaming from childhood to reach a particular point in their life to have recognition and others to do great things.

But the thing is not just to hope about your work, do you have the desire in you to fulfil it? Dream and hope is what makes you comfortable when you think more about it and never takes you ahead but desire is what makes you uncomfortable and to work now so that you be there by tomorrow where you had been dreaming of.

The main point why desire is called the first step of success is, dream and hope when broken makes you feel low and discouraged whereas desire is something which makes you feel that you are already near to your touch point each and every time and never lets you feel low even if you fail.

That’s the biggest point of this small word. Having a desire or burning desire to achieve something stars making you crazy and to work. The desire brings the success to you. When you ask any famous personality, they always say it was their dream, they will not say it as desire. Only some do. Because some feel it as negative word to say in front of public.

It is something that comes sub consciously. The sub conscious mind controls this desire part of your life. This desire is something that gets you what you think upon more and more. Rich think more and more about money and they get it.Many think about power.

It’s all about the desire for something you want. If you are really hungry, no matter what happens you will eat and reduce your hunger right. Similar is the desire. The more you desire about something, the sooner you achieve it.

Now, if you are clear about your desire, the sub conscious mind will automatically show you the path to be travelled so that you reach sooner, but if you give even a small deflection in your idea of desire, the thoughts will start to clash and the paths goes longer.

Desire is something that you keep thinking about each and every minute of your life. It pops up early in the morning when you wake up, it keeps you reminding the whole day while working and even at night when you are about to sleep. So don’t mix it with even a single point of negativity or doubt. This one doubt can question your mind and your ability. So be clear about your desire.

This is what is called burning desire. If you are dreaming to be the leader of your society and community, have the desire first. Then the mind automatically starts sending you messages about what you have to do.

There are many examples in the world where desire can be given as the very first step towards success. One can also go through many books about human mind and psychology or success, every book says the same. Desire to achieve is very important than to blindly work on it.

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