A Note to the Parents

We all know that due to this Novel Corona virus it’s been hard to go out anywhere, let it work place or school or even a public gathering, it’s hard going out to get the groceries or the daily essentials. So, is it good to Everyone? May be! Or may not be! The schools have been canceled, the colleges have been closed but the teaching is still going online. Everyone are having their own personal time to spend at home except for the students. Even the lockdown has not made them to spend some of their own time.

I came up with this in order make the parents and the guardians clear that the children are going through a lot with those gadgets and we all know that it’s not a good thing. “ Too much of something is too bad”. Yes studying is the main thing, but is this the only to study or to learn something? There are many other ways in which a child can learn. The schools and colleges are providing with the links where the child will get the pre-prepared presentation of the class and needs to sit down whole day to listen it, in some other cases it’s an online live class where in love interaction comes into picture. Even the small kids of 3-4 years are been provided with laptops and mobiles in order to make them learn.

I want to ask to please stop doing so, you are not only isolating then child with the whole world but also with the abilities he/ she may posses. These gadgets are hindering the young minds and taking control where in they will loose themselves and get attached to these things so badly that one day it will become hard for them to live even without looking at it.

Today’s parents are also learned and they know every betterment for their child. I just want to ask why don’t you spend some time or you can say some productive time with your child so that so can come to know the abilities that he/she may have in them. You can teach them some of your techniques or even some of your abilities, who knows what blessing these young minds have, they can even challenge the IQ of any scientist. Get them out of these electronic world and take them to something new, education is important but that is not the only option. Games and sports don’t have an option now due to lockdown unless you have your own lawn to play with. Get them with art and craft, literature, general awareness and many more things that can be done, many of them will be having a good hobby and now they can show it to the world by doing it better and posting on the social media. Turn your hobby or interest into something that a world can see and praise, if accepted then go to a further step where you can teach others too.

Parents are having time where in you can spend much of time together and can even save the child from taking a wrong step or getting into a bad circle. This is time where one can even change the life by taking a leading step either towards self betterment or to help others nurture.

Not only children but even the people who are working or housewives, elderly people, this is time where one can utilise to upgrade the skills and reach out to teach others. So this is the time to come up with something new or time to showcase one’s skills.