A Trick Towards Mathematics

Many of the students nowadays go for opting theoretical subjects in their higher studies due to lack of interest in mathematics, where as mathematics is the key to life. This becomes burden when the students come to their higher secondary and face the typical and complex formulas like trigonometry, statics, probability and so goes the list. The syllabus also become a burden for them where they have to go through huge books in order score or say to atleast secure passing marks. I know there many champs in mathematics too, are there many? If you ask youngsters they say maths takes too much of time and have no interest and this negligence make them to leave mathematics.

The main key to succeed in any subject is to first get involved into mathematics, this I want to say is because maths gives a person problem solving ability, it tests the patience of a person. The person who stands longer lives longer. Life is also like a problem of mathematics, if you start then is no turning back. You need to stand until you solve it and if you succeed you can touch the sky with the results. This subject gives you ability to think outside the box, now you may ask a question that there is always a formula given to each type of question then what’s the need to think outside the box? So where did these formulas come from is my question to you. Mathematics is never a subject which follows a particular path with the usage of same formulas, theoretical subjects can be done like that as they will have a specific answer for each question, but for mathematics the final answer will always be the same but the way you do it different.

A simple addition of two digit number can be done in a different ways and we can see that in small kids who use their own way, some do it directly, some do it using the abacus or many other ways. Similar the way of life, our goal is to reach the ambition and to reach their there are many problems which don’t have any particular formula, it all depends on the way we see those problems. The perfect to get into mathematics is to start with basics or with numbers and by saying numbers I’m not telling you join some kindergarten but go through some day today stuff where mathematics is used. We are surrounded by the problems of mathematics it may at the grocery shop or some television advertisements or your own expense calculations. Mathematics is everywhere.

According to me a perfect to get interest into maths is through Sudoku. This is just a small game but it can even make you sweat when keep trying. The Sudoku is a logic based combinatorial number placement puzzel where in the objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 subgrids that compose the grid also called “boxes” contains all of the digits from 1 to 9. It will initially have some numbers in them or say partially filled and the objective is to complete it. The game requires lot of concentration and patience to complete, so start with easy one and keep trying. We can see Sudoku provided in every newspapers and is also available as an app in mobile phones. This game really helps a person to control his emotions, and makes him determined to do a work given to him, because there are a lot of chances people get stuck and leave it because of frustration but the one who comes out of this and still keeps trying is the winner.

The game will make you more focused and the power of concentration increases, problem solving skill increases and it does not have any particular way to do so your mind gets broader and the you will start thinking out of the box. So don’t just limit yourself with simple objectives, come up new idea and you all have lot of time, spend 15-20 minutes daily on Sudoku and you will automatically notice the results in you with 2-3 weeks.