Ignorance towards Vaccine

We all know the increasing number of cases or death due to the Novel Corona Virus. Any guesses why the numbers are still reaching towards infinity? Many would guess it correctly and I would prefer two major reasons.

First is the negligence that started after the introduction of Vaccine. This is the major reason which brought in such a huge number of active cases on a short period of time. Everyone thought, by the releasing of vaccine there is no need to worry anymore and to be free. This is where the mistake took place and gave us a big hit. There’s a lot of difference between ‘a Vaccine’ and ‘a Cure’. Vaccines are used to prepare the body’s immune system to fight off infections. They work by giving the body a small taste of what the virus is like so that way it can produce antibodies that fight off an intruding virus, ideally keeping people from falling ill. But it does not cure a person who is already having symptoms. People made this big mistake and took the virus lightly, now the virus is giving us results in numbers hard to count.

The second good reason I have is the ignorance of Vaccine. Yes, people started ignoring the vaccine and didn’t bring themselves to vaccinate. Some of those who got vaccinated both the doses also got positive result and that made others to think that this vaccination is not a good option as it’s not preventing the virus from attacking. If you read my first point again you will come to know the purpose of a vaccine. It’s not a cure of remedy which will keep the virus away from you. It’s just like an energy drink when you get exhausted to regain your energy. The vaccine just helps your immune system to fight back. Even after getting vaccinated you are getting positive is because of the weak immune system and not because of vaccine. Even after wearing seatbelt and helmets we can’t prevent accidents, they just prevent severity of it and so is the case with vaccine.

My two points may be contradicting but yes these are the two very good reasons that I have. Don’t neglect yourself in any situation and don’t forget to get vaccinated. Help everyone around you to understand the situation so is the reason to bring up this news to you all.