Too many Options!

Everyone have their own ambition and want to achieve by any means. Many of them also have other options which they say as a back up. So what is this back up? Is it good having too many options? Let’s see.


From a very young age, everyone starts dreaming of what they want to become when they grow up. Does everyone stick to the same idea or dream? It starts moulding as you start getting mature and at some point you feel the lack of confidence and start to have a back up option or aim.

You only tend to have a back up option when you feel the former is near to impossible. These other options which you have will only make you more lazy and make your mind to concentrate less on your primary aim. Why do you think this happens?

When you have something as a back up, you feel the security that even though you fail now, you are having other ways to carry on. This is a good thing but having complete faith in only the secondary or other options will make you less organised and you won’t be able to work the required amount.

When you have a primary aim, you start working on it but after some time you feel the irritation of working on the same thing and will spend some time on entertainment. This is the first negligence created by your mind.

Later when the time is near or when you have less time to work, mind tricks you and shows you to work on the other options as you have less time now and won’t be able to make it completely. This is the second negligence. This will happen when you have many options.


Having options is not a bad thing, but giving proper importance and time to primary is very important. When you have options, you will think and say to yourself that if not this time, then there is other plan with me to work on. Do you think your mind will cooperate the next time? No, you will make the same mistake again saying you have other chance or option.

Options should not change your aim but instead it should cut down the length of route you need to travel in order to achieve your aim. The main aim should be one and work only on that and don’t think of other options or aims.

If you start working on your primary aim thinking you don’t have any other option other than this, you will feel the urge to do it at any condition. This is a way to trick your mind.

If you go through my other articles on mindset and failure and success, you will come to know that success is achieved in one attempt by very less people and if you didn’t achieve it now, the options you have should help you achieve your success in the next attempt. This is how you should make your options.

The final aim should always be one, options are only made if you are not able to make it soon. Work hard on your final aim and choose your options wisely such that they help your main aim and not divide it.