Slow and steady wins the race!

Does it really happen? Slow and steady wins the race? Why have we been taught the story of rabbit and turtle to explain slow and steady? Why didn’t it happen the other way around and say you need to fast or else you will be left behind? Have you even been so curious to explore why those stories came up ? Some might have come up but not all.

First look at the title again, it says slow and steady and not as slow and retarding or something else. It clearly shows to move at a constant speed no matter what. So now you might get a new question, why not fast and steady? Isn’t it? Suppose you are driving a bike or a car, when do you feel like you are having control of your vehicle, while moving fast or average speed? Ofcourse average speed right, so is the meaning slow and steady.

The line or the story was actually brought up in order to indicate our way of living and growing. We all are born and brought up to a certain stage before we start doing our part of living by our own. This stage when you reach after teenage is the key point from where you will have certain changes in your life. There may or may not be growth, depending on how you try to mould it. The time span from birth to this stage which is approximately 20-25 years, is not spent in a quick manner as a fast moving vehicle or a Formula1 racer. It takes its own time to complete.

This life span is comparatively shorter than from when we actually start living. This is because the life span of a kid from birth to adult is all taken care of by parents and teachers and they only teach the essential knowledge required for us to have a job and do our work. The actual teaching starts only when we come out of this safe zone from parents and teachers where in they always save us from making mistakes. This life is the point where we start learning ourselves.

Earlier life span of 20-25 years is also slow and steady as we get to learn the basics and these basics are about our mental preparation as well as physical. One cannot start working and earning at a very early stage, except for super humans. This pre stage is all about preparing for the actual show down. It prepares us physically and also mentally. The teaching and knowledge gives us the power to handle situations which we face.

Being kids everyone will have huge dreams and not only one but many. One might think to achieve the goals after getting the job and start earning. So is it that easy when you have got a job and are earning, are you able to fulfil your dreams ? The answer might be no to most of the people but not all. No because you cannot start buying these as soon as you start earning. You may fall into debt. So you start saving part of your money to fulfil your dreams and goals right. How long will it take to reach your limit? If you have big goal then you might need to work harder.

Nothing comes very easily in our lives. That’s the reason our life is being compared to the story of hare and turtle saying slow and steady wins the race. One may find many path or ideas to make quick money. But will it stay longer? No the quicker it leaves. Everything has its own time to reach to you and leave. If you find a way to get it soon, it will try to leave you even sooner. If there was a way to make quick money, then there would also be a way to reach our goals quickly! Then why do we have to learn so much, wait so much? What’s the use in wasting time when you can get everything quickly!

Everyone cannot be wizard or a witch where to fulfil your needs all you have to do is a snap. That’s right! We are here to learn and then to put in all the knowledge we have earned into our work and then get the payback from it.

Another best example to the story will be the hard working people. You can make money everyday by working for a company. They pay you based on your daily work, but do they hand it to your hand on the same day ? No! You have to work for a certain period and after which the bank will credit the money to your account. The time period changes with respect to work, some cases it is 30 days and some other it may be 7 days. You cannot go to the bank and ask them to pay your money the same day after completing your work!

There are so many examples in the world where in you will see a common man becoming a billionaire. It’s not because he won any jackpot but due to his efforts. This effort he did not put in only for one day or two. It is the result of years and years which made him shine where he is now. Not only the billionaire but also many bodybuilders, entrepreneurs, actors and most of the celebrities. They did not have any background and started from zero. If you check out their history, you will be able to know the failures, pains and time long efforts they have put in.

Every life is the same. Don’t expect anything to happen quickly. It just shows how weak you are and even if it happens quickly, you won’t be able to handle it. The time duration between anything to achieve will make your will power to grow and your mind to be patience. The longer you try for your success, the happier you will feel, the more satisfied you get.

Suppose you some how managed to achieve your goal quickly in your life! What next ? You will feel the lack of something and start to concentrate on other parts. The concentration and then dedication to work for something else requires knowledge and to learn this, definitely will take time. Everything you do will have its own time. In terms of banking it is known as maturity.

When you invest in any stock market, the risks are very high and you never known what will happen the very next second even though the interest rate is high. The first second you might have won 100$ but the very next moment if the shares go down, you may loose the same 100$ or even more. Where as if you invest in any deposits like recurring or fixed deposits, the percentage of interest is low but it is a long term investment and after maturity you will have an huge amount.

Our life is also the same . You can compare with any thing and you will get the same answer every time. There are other shortcuts also I won’t hesitate in saying yes. But the shortcuts may even happen to cut the path to your goals.

Life is very delicate and full of miracles happening. Don’t expect any miracle to happen or don’t just wait for one to happen. Instead work hard and make your own miracle. The longer you stand the harder and stronger you get. Don’t get demoralised after getting failed one or two times, it will only make you more experienced in the field. Without failure there is no success. Similarly without patience there are no goals. It may be slow to reach some point but all that matters is the determination that you posses should keep growing and not retarding.

It is all about how seriously you take yourself and your way of thinking. Don’t get into small and quick results by becoming greedy. It will only affect your attention on your main goal. One cannot become a good runner in one day, it needs practice of years. Have a clear focus and strive to achieve it even if it takes time.