Mental Strength!

Almost everyone in today’s generation is completely focusing on their physical health by building huge muscles and stamina but ever wondered about mental strength? Everyone is only onto their looks and shape appearance but what about the load that you carry on your shoulder? Won’t that require any training, don’t you like to make that to perfect or say strong enough to tackle anything? The answer would be doesn’t matters, right?

You may be having huge muscles and strength like that of the Hulk, all the power and have very little mental ability, then what’s the use? The whole body is under the control of your mind, if it’s not strong enough, you may even get defeated by a normal kid. Some of them might be now understanding what I’m able to convey here, it’s all about you mental stamina that decides how good or how strong you are.

Let me make it more clear, you are a graduate and trying to solve some mathematical problems that are of a higher primary kid. If you get stuck in there, your mind will start humiliating yourself by saying why can’t you do such a simple problem of lower grade, isn’t it? Then you will frustrated and loose your cool and step back. It’s not because the problem was tough but you gave up as soon as you lost the control on your mind. If you had the patience to keep trying, within next few chances you may have got the right answer as well. See it’s all in your mind that takes control of your body.

Physically strong is a good thing but until you make your mental strength good enough, you may still loose the war. War here means the goal you want to achieve. Even the bodybuilders face these kind of negative thoughts while doing weights, the one who give up listening to those words from your mind will loose the battle to become a bodybuilder but the one who pushes a little more even after the mind gave up, will shine to become a bodybuilder. It’s not only for the bodybuilders, this applies to everyone, any work you do requires a lot of patience and this comes only through proper control on your mind. Our every action, response, speech is controlled by our mind. If you need those actions, speech, responses to be good, then take control of your mind.

Many youngsters even give up before trying anything, that’s the worst case. Even at the time of exams, our mind will toggle between some disturbances going around outside, the ticking of time, the pressure of not knowing the answer and will never focus completely on the exam. The one who ignores all these and think about the answers he know will definitely put down those answers correctly and may even happen to answer to those questions which were unknown. It’s our mind that plays the game and not the god. Most of them blame god or others for not succeeding or not doing good, I say it’s your fault that you didn’t manage to take it seriously and gave up soon. Blaming others won’t make you strong or won’t make you successful, blame yourself for quitting, blame yourself for giving up soon.

Most of them think motivational talks and videos will boost you up, yes it does but till when? It’s likely not more than a week. You may go through all these motivational talks, videos, books and so on, but you won’t be able to keep yourself motivated until your mind is ready. This point will be agreed by many as they know that’s the truth. I have found out so many flaws and the control the mind has on our body, now how to tackle it?

It’s very simple I say, don’t listen to the negativity that’s coming out of your mind. It seems easy but it’s not, initially it will feel ok to avoid but later those worries and memories of the past will start creating a burden on you and you will loose the cool again, go back to same old state and give your control to your mind. Never let your past trouble your present, this is were most of the battle of life is lost, the past starts creating a stress on your mind. Thinking about the past will make you go through pain and you can never gain anything. Make your own thoughts to counter them by showcasing the good things you did, think about the people you care and love the most, think about your main ambition in your life. The part of taking control on mind is not easily done but once done, will make you very strong. The stress created by past cannot be easily ignored but why do you have to focus on the same problem again and again. A person doesn’t not like to eat the same thing daily, doesn’t want to laugh on the same jokes, then why do you have to worry on the same mistakes and problems again and again?

The best way to strengthen your mind and polish it is by keeping it busy in present day situations and not to fear for the outcomes. Keep yourself alert through yoga, never treat yourself low, keep saying the words I can do anything. Even at these time the mind runs out of control and make you give up, that’s were you still need to keep going. Start with small things like reading a book, you may feel boring at the start but keep going until you feel interesting at some point and never give up. Start making yourself some small goals like reading 50 pages or going a two mile jog, which when achieved will boost your confidence with those small success, also award yourself for those small achievements, it will make you feel even better. Later start with early morning jog, do it daily. At some point you feel like having a day off due to some festival or Sunday, never give up even there. These are just the red herring, avoid them and later you can see the results. The point is not give up, if you give up soon then don’t blame others when they get ahead of you and succeed.

Mind plays a very challenging role in a persons life, to create dilemma to see whether the person is strong enough to face the humiliation caused by your own mind or give up. If you can’t face the words of your mind, then there’s no way you can stand up to the world. There are many people who want to drag you down when you start taking a lead, if you know how to tackle your mind, you can easily tackle the words of other people to. This is why taking control of your mind is very important and not giving control to it.

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