Belief! Confidence! Determination!

Yes belief is not a huge word but it has a huge meaning. What is belief according to you? There is another word hope which also resembles the meaning of belief, but there is a slight difference. Difference between belief and hope is that belief is mental acceptance of a claim as truth regardless of supporting or contrary empirical evidence while hope is (uncountable) the belief or expectation that something wished for can or will happen or hope can be a sloping plain between mountain ridges. In simple words belief is something that you wish to happen at present and hope is future tense of belief.

This small word belief can change the mindset of a person completely. For every individual, the thing that matters the most is confidence to do any work, for this belief plays a big role to build your confidence. Now you may ask how! To do a particular work not only hard work and knowledge but also confidence is important, without confidence even if you had the opportunity to complete or excel, you will lag. This is because demotivating yourself with low confidence, feeling low for yourself by comparing with others. Even they might be thinking the same of you, but they didn’t give up and you did which made you to loose.

Belief, Confidence, Determination these are the key to success. The person who masters these can win any battle. We’ll talk about determination, it is something which makes you strong at your failures. Everyone likes to win but if everybody is winning then who will loose ? There will be no value for winners at that time. Every game of life has winners and losers, winners enjoy by celebrating but for failures, failing is also a test for them. To see how they face their loss and how they over come it. There is no end point in competition unless you decide to give a full stop yourself. This happens because you are not ready to face the challenges, these are the people who don’t have belief on themselves and no confidence to overcome the fear.

Before tasting the success, be ready to accept if you get failed at times. Don’t think that’s the end but overcome it by thinking what was the purpose for you to start the battle at the beginning. If you are having a good reason, then even failures can’t stop you. A person who is ready to accept failures is the person who is confident about his ability and have the belief to win it. Now you get it, it’s all linked to one another. That’s the reason failure is known as stepping stone to success.

There is no person on this planet who became a star without facing any failures. They just stood up to the failures and got stronger to face the next challenge. Even life supports those who are ready to help themselves at terrible condition and not to wait for someone else to give hand. Why do you need to wait for someone to help you? Why do you think they will help you when you are not ready to help yourself. There are failures in life, not once but many times but it’s not to demotivate you or destroy your dreams but instead to test you to see how far you can go for something you want to achieve. The person who stands strong till his last is the one who will win everything.

The games like boxing, wrestling teaches us a lot about life. You get too many punches or it may even throw you down as hard as possible, but you still try to get up and fight. That is the point when you have belief in yourself that you are stronger and have the confidence to strike back and determined to never give up. Life is the same but the opponent you fight is none other than yourself. Yes it’s the game that you compete with yourself and not others because you are the one who needs to have belief, you are the one who needs to get stronger and that is possible only when you have the determination to fight let what ever may be the result. The person who masters these is the true legend.

Never loose your beliefs in something very soon, you need to fight your own mentality to gain something. I have explained this in the other part “ Mental Strength”. It’s your mind that lets you down, don’t get caught into it but stand up and fight back. The happiness when you finally get succeeded will be worth it.

Believe yourself, be Confident and be determined.


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